The Hostess – Margriet Schnaibel

... is the heart and soul of the Taggenberg. This charming Dutchwoman lives for her guests and gastronomy, with qualifications from a specialist hotel industry college and as an innkeeper. Her specialist area lies in wines. She has worked at the Taggenberg for almost 20 years and this green oasis is her wonderful realm, which she manages with great style and idealism. "This is where I feel at home" laughs the hostess, from her heart.

The Chef  – Marko Prüstel

... wanted to broaden his gastronomic horizons, travelling from Saxony via Arosa to the Hirschen in Eglisau. After seven years, he felt the time had come to take on the responsibilities of a Head Chef. At the Taggenberg, his cooking is oriented towards a light, French-style cuisine, with unexpected touches in the detail.